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Moola bandha the master key pdf

moola bandha the master key pdf

I must become like this.
Never give up this practice.Even while you are commuting in a bus or a train, instead drama korea i do episode subtitle indonesia of looking out of the window, you can be in meditation.Everything other than That, all phenomenon, is asat.This was Mahatma Gandhis instruction to all his correspondents as also to students and the whole nation, and which, during his own lifetime, he himself practised.Both of them together go to make up the inner psychological level of your being.Therefore this is more precious than gold, diamonds or jewels.Avoid discussions with materialists.Let us consider it day by day so that we may become an inspiration to others, we may become a centre of learning by our very life and conduct.
Therefore, discretion is the better part of valour.

That is why Gurudev said: Keep company with the inner Divinity, and giving up all other company, do your duty, fulfil your obligationsbe what you are.Anger wins the day because it overcomes man suddenly, like a tiger pouncing upon an unwary traveller in a jungle.All these Niyamas or spiritual canons must be rigidly observed.Silence helps the intuitional Self To express itself.They became ideal individuals.Actions are only the outer expression of the thoughts dominating the mind and impelling the individual.One of the greatest enemies of the human individual, residing within ones own body, is aalasya (laziness).Sankalpas become much decreased.It has to be refined and sifted until pure gold is brought out.This is an over-statement.As such many hatha yogis teach the bandhas as the means to breaking through the granthis which in themselves operate not only in the body/mind/energy fields, but in the more subtle realms of vijnanamaya and anandamaya koshas and spiritual realm.