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Manual oracle database shutting down

manual oracle database shutting down

See Oracle Database Performance Tuning Guide for information about sizing the instance PGA.
To Facilitate Mirror Splits Using suspend and resume: Place the database tablespaces in hot backup mode using the alter tablespace begin backup statement.To start or shut down a cluster database, that is, all of the instances known to Enterprise Manager: Go to the Cluster Database Home page.Often, although not always, this file is named init.In the Database Configuration section, click Memory Advisors.When you enable automatic shared memory management, you also implicitly enable automatic PGA memory management.To open a mounted database, use the SQL alter database statement with the open option: alter database open; After executing this statement, any valid Oracle user with the create session system privilege can connect to the database.You must, however, perform recovery when you issue the shutdown abort command or if the instance or the applications terminated abnormally.Also, the archived logs are copied from the primary database onto the log_archive_dest_1 location on the standby site: Startup the database: startup nomount; Mount as standby database: alter database mount standby database; Start recovery process: recover standby database; Donald.The new SGA size is displayed below the graph.To enable automatic memory management: Go to the Database Home page, logging in as user SYS.If you are using the Enterprise Manager GUI and prefer not to use the command line, refer to the.To perform any important tasks, you can log on as sysoper or sysdba.
Modifying Memory Settings Automatic Memory Management Modifying memory settings for automatic memory management involves using the Memory Advisors page of Database Control to change the total memory size setting.
You can achieve this scenario by starting the instance and mounting the database.

See Also: For more information about optimizing a database's performance using the parameter file, see the Oracle8i Tuning manual.Startup open sales pfileinitsale.This way, database-specific parameters such as DB_name and control_files in a given file always pertain to a particular database.Both Enterprise Manager and srvctl provide star trek captain's chair game options to startup and shutdown all of the instances in an Oracle RAC database with a single step.Enabling Automatic Memory Management, if you did not enable automatic memory management when you installed and configured your database, then Oracle recommends that you do so after installation, unless you are an experienced DBA with specific reasons to manually tune memory sizes.Note that this command will also start all enabled and non-running services that have the listed instances either as preferred or available instances.After a cluster node restart, the node may not be fully responsive for some period of time.Shutting Down a Database The following sections describe shutdown procedures: To initiate database shutdown, use the SQL*Plus shutdown command.If the Maximum SGA Size field contains a positive number that is greater than or equal to the desired total amount of memory to allocate to the database, then skip to Step.
If the system is up, a Shutdown button appears.
Lengthy Startup of OracleDBConsole and OracleCRService on Windows.