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6x6 holiday ss pdf

6x6 holiday ss pdf

Travel agents have details of 8 holidays.
Procedure (31-43 minutes warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) To set lesson context and engage students -T announces she's going the ever living tree pdf on holiday and invites students to go with her- T puts a nice photo on the BW (palm beach) -T elicits from the students what they want.
YouTube, speakout Advanced Podcast Unit 3 Places (662 people in the street answer three questions about travel.
Cab height, please consult your local sales office for other specifications.Main Aims, to introduce, provide and practice three future forms (tenses)- present continuous for the future, will future and going to future in the context of summer holidays.Web site designed by: Nikue.Direct Plunger Service Duty Tables Select Elevator Type Passenger - Single CPassenger - Two CService - One C Passenger - Single C SS Single Side Opening CO Center Opening Capacity (lbs.) / Speed (fpm) Front Door Type Front / Rear Door Type 2100/100/125/150 SS PDF.BBC Express English, video, michael Palin - Full Circle - Machu Picchu (81) 3:04 Difficult in parts - spoken prose, softly spoken interlocutor.BBC Six minute English, day trip with a difference (i.e.Ss take turns -T monitors -T writes the wrong language on the WB -Ss need to correct -Feedback-WC.Speaking / listening skills books Just Listening and Speaking Upper Intermediate Jeremy Harmer Carol Lethaby Listening 3 - What photographs remind us of Pages 12 - 13 Four pictures (3 of them abroad four speakers.Egypt dialogue, split dialogue discussing a trip to Egypt.Inside Out Student's Book Intermediate Susan Kay Vaughan Jones Unit 11 Journey Pages 92 - 93 Inside Out Student's Book Upper Intermediate Vaughan Jones Susan Kay Unit 8 Escape Pages 68 - 77 (1) Reading text A day at the seaside Adapted from Notes from a big country (humorous).Do you have any holidays or trips planned?
Subject : holidays and travel.

Ss match speech balloons with people in pictures.Tell us about travelling and your favourite places.Photocopiable resource books Play Games with English Book 2 (1981-8) Colin Granger John Plumb Memory 6 airport talk page 40 - 41 Pages 40 - 41 Two pictures: Arrivals and departures.Task (8-10 minutes) To provide an opportunity to practice future forms by using controlled practice -deleting the wrong option -Ss are given a grammar (future forms) an exercise (Straightforward Intermediate, p 57) where they need to cross out the wrong option- PW- they read.Students write story about a frighening expreience.Space trips) (405 two presenters talk about commercial space carriers offering day trips into space.New Cutting Edge Upper Intermediate students' book Peter Moore Sarah Cunningham Module 3 Adventures and mishap Page 36 Writing a narrative Analysis of the structure a short narrative about a trip to the Grand Canyon.Exposure (8-10 minutes) To provide a model of the task and highlight useful new york state motor vehicle drivers manual words and phrases and introduce the future forms that will be practiced in this lesson (going to future, present continuous and will future) -T writes on the board the advice Ss give.
In this lesson, students will do a gap-fill activity to practice form (as a controlled practice then semi-practice by playing a game and at the end of the lesson, the students will do a freer practice discussing plans for the day in the context.
Woman talks about a holiday romance.